Decorative Concrete

Stencil concrete footpath in Foster South Gippsland
Decorative Concrete Driveway
Stencil concrete footpath in Foster, South Gippsland
Slate impression in Foster, South Gippsland
CategoryDecorative Concrete
FinishesSlate impression, stencil, colour, sealed

Decorative Concrete

Coloured concrete is an affordable option for those who are on a budget but prefer a more attractive look than plain grey concrete. There is a wide range of permanent colours to choose from so you are bound to find a colour that matches the concretes surrounds. The concrete will arrive on location with the colour of your choice already mixed through and South Gippsland Concrete will do the rest and finish it to your specifications.

Exposed aggregate is often used for sidewalks, driveways, patios and decorative retaining walls. At a reasonable cost, you can expect spectacular results. It is long lasting and has a non-slip, rugged texture. This finish is achieved by washing off the top layer of the concrete which exposes the aggregate in the mix.

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